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Men's Nightwear


Sleep in style with Next. Our collection of men's nightwear, pyjamas and loungewear come in a variety of different patterns including checks, prints and stripes. Not only for sleeping in, our super soft men’s loungewear is perfect for getting comfy and lazing around on a free weekend. We also have a range of robes, hoodies and joggers to add to your look.

Navy Blue Borg Lined Hooded Dressing Gown (235366) | kr556
Grey Matching Family Mens Christmas Dog Pyjamas (T49659) | kr347
Dark Grey/Black Lightweight Shorts 2 Pack (170898) | kr278 - kr312
Green/Grey Shorts Pyjama Sets 2 Pack (U62324) | kr417
Plum Purple Check Shorts Motion Flex Cosy Pyjama Bottoms 2 Pack (102218) | kr278
Blue/Grey Cuffed Long Pyjama Sets 2 Pack (376299) | kr509
Grey Borg Lined Hooded Dressing Gown (480402) | kr556
Navy Blue Fleece Dressing Gown (279070) | kr347
Grey Check Mule Slippers (640106) | kr223
Navy Check Motion Flex Cosy Pyjamas (T44450) | kr347
Black Cuffed Joggers (829031) | kr278
Grey/Black Check Motion Flex Cosy Pyjama Set (T48892) | kr324