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Renowned for outstanding quality, British brand Boden puts fun into style and makes joy. Think flattering, feminine pieces with unique detail for her and adventure-ready outfits for Minis.

Boden Red Festive Advent Calendar Dress (C47185) | kr566 - kr637
Boden Red Velvet Dress (U87482) | kr566 - kr609
Boden Blue Sherpa Lined Anorak Jacket (C63633) | kr665 - kr750
Boden Blue 3-In-1 Coat (C55136) | kr736 - kr807
Boden Pink Cosy 2 In 1 Padded Jacket (C27954) | kr807 - kr892
Boden Purple Shower Resistant Padded Jacket (C64462) | kr566 - kr609
Boden Sherpa Lined White Anorak (U88016) | kr665 - kr750
Boden Red Velvet Bodice Tulle Dress (C86844) | kr637 - kr722
Boden Green Velvet Pinnie Dress (U86727) | kr453 - kr481
Boden Green Appliqué Christmas Dress and Legging Set (C00678) | kr453 - kr481
Boden Pink Cord Animals Pinnie Set (C48789) | kr495 - kr524
Boden Blue Sherpa Lined Bunny Anorak Jacket (C95912) | kr665 - kr750