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At the Beginning there were only twelve of them, today there are millions of everyday adventurers getting outside and having fun in comfortable clothing. So whether it's a waterproof coat or a festival kit, Regatta is there for every adventure.

Regatta Remina Waterproof Jacket (T06015) | kr991
Regatta Fabrizia Insulated Longline Blue Jacket (M58593) | kr495
Regatta Onysia Insulated Quilted Longline Jacket (M69135) | kr1 260
Regatta Black and Grey Sweetheart Half Zip Fleeces 2 Pack (C33790) | kr425
Regatta Black Bethan Overhead Fluffy Fleece (T46564) | kr396
Regatta Black Paladen 35L Backpack (A54102) | kr694
Regatta Edgepoint III Waterproof Walking Trainers (261318) | kr694
Regatta Parthenia Waterproof Jacket (A54368) | kr991
Regatta Remina Waterproof Jacket (A54068) | kr934
Regatta Lady Harper Black Cosy Ankle Wellies (922317) | kr396
Regatta Green Orla Kiely Cosy Ankle Wellies (C87874) | kr595
Regatta Orange Orla Kiely Cosy Ankle Wellies (C95409) | kr595